Friday, December 3, 2010

Melt That Ice with Blue Flame

It’s early in the winter season but it’s COLD ! Many of the businesses involved in the use of conveyor belts are looking for ways to stop the backslides that happen once the belt hardens in this cold weather. It starts at 20 degrees F and gets worse as the temperature drops!
So what’s out there to be effective on conveyor belts as well as crossing arms at railroad tracks, signals and lenses, car couplers, doors and chutes, movable bridges, tunnel walls and overhead crane switches to name a few?  Blue Flame is a well known chemical deicer that is an effective ice melter. Test results have shown that Blue Flame products melt more ice faster and prevent freezing longer than traditional deicer chemistry.  The list of benefits includes not just prevention of buildup of ice and fines on the idlers and pulleys, but Blue Flame provides a cover friction for efficient handling. The applications are non-corrosive and cost effective. Read what one satisfied customer has to say about Blue Flame.
The Blue Flame belt de icier has preformed just as promised. When we apply Blue Flame to a bend pulley that has 3”of frozen coal attached  it will melt thru the frozen coal within 15 minutes and the pulley (60”x 20”) will run clean for at least 2 ½ hours, a follow up application with a garden sprayer will keep the pulley free of ice again for several hours.
We ran over 600,000 TONS during the winter off into the stockpile and loaded out that amount with the help of Blue Flame deicing on our conveyor. The Blue Flame belt deicing works as stated (extremely well) and I just ordered product for this winter and into 2011.
Victor Stolz, General Foreman, Aurora Energy Services”
For more information on Blue Flame deicer or any other questions you may have, contact us at Freedom Industries. We’re here to help.