Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freeze Conditioning Agents

Transportation and handling of coal and other similar minerals in cold weather can make these moist materials freeze. Talk about creating major handling problems during the winter months!  In the summer months a bottom-dumped rail car carrying coal takes a few minutes to unload. But this same load of materials when frozen can really affect the bottom line if it takes hours to unload.

Freeze conditioning agents have been proven to effectively ease unloading and handling of minerals like coal during the winter months. It acts to lower the freeze point, weakening the crystal structure of the ice formed, making handling time less.

Belts and equipment exposed to low ambient temperatures can be modified by coating with freeze conditioning agents. These agents are typically sprayed on and are non-corrosive. For the variety of freeze conditioning agents available and to help determine your individual needs, contact Freedom Industries. We’re here to help.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dust Control

Freedom Industries is a leading producer of freeze conditioning agents, dust control palliatives, flotation reagents, water treatment polymers and other specialty chemicals.

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